Smart Marina System

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Marina Infrastructure

Unparalleled cost of installation

We design and manufacture our marina equipment in house to ensure reliable and comfortable usage. MID-certified electricity and water meters are read and logged automatically.

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Smartphone App

One-click billing and payment, real-time remote monitoring

Your guests can monitor their utility usage real-time, book quickly and easily. Online billing and payment ensure that the operating staff has more time left for the truly important things.

Marinero Smart Marina System Admin Dashboard

Administrator Dashboard

Up to 70% savings in human resources

With the help of our administrator dashboard, you can easily and transparently monitor and control all the functions of the Marinero Smart Pedestal system from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Monitor your whole port from anywhere around the world!


MID-certified metering of electricity and water consumption at berths

Utility consumption of berths is accounted for on the basis of MID-certified meters in accordance with applicable regulations, laws, and standards.

Your tenants and guests are thus guaranteed to pay the right amount for their consumption.

Remote monitoring of measured consumption via the Internet

Marinero’s proprietary SPU control unit reads the meter registers via a standard interface. In addition to energy consumption data, reactive and apparent power, as well as phase angle are stored, amongst other parameters.

Time-consuming manual reading of utility meters is a thing of the past! The Marinero Smart Marina System does all this automatically instead of your crew.

Switching and monitoring of water and electric sources via the Internet

The Marinero Smart Marina System monitors the parameters of each utility outlet real-time. End-users can turn On/Off the electrical outlets and faucets at their berth via the Marinero mobile app.

Operating staff and tenants can both monitor the outlets in question from anywhere in the world and intervene as needed.

Automatic detection of electrical faults

The Marinero Smart Marina System detects faults in the power delivery network real-time and notifies the operating staff, enabling the detection and correction of faults with speeds previously unimaginable.

Marinero makes sure that the drinks in your onboard fridge stay cool all the time.

Protection against waste and unauthorized utility usage

The utility outlets for each berth can only be switched On/Off by authorized tenants or guests.

We at Marinero know that our natural resources are finite, so we know no joke in preventing waste and theft.

Lighting and water circulation automation

The Marinero Smart Marina System can house a number of unique automated functions, such as night lighting, possible winter cabinet heating, or anti-icing water circulation.

Let it be light or dark, cold or hot, Marinero makes sure you won’t be unprepared.

Automatic billing and payment in proportion to consumption

The Marinero Smart Marina System can automatically manage the administration of utility consumption from metering to reading and billing to payment.

This way both guests and the operating staff have more time for the truly important things, instead of staring at paperwork.

One-touch use for tenants with RFID keychain

Marinero Smart Pedestals have a built-in RFID reader, so tenants and guests can easily control their utility supply using an RFID card or keychain, even in the absence of their smartphone.

We don’t like staring at our phones all day, so you don’t have to either.

Electrical Load Balancing

The increasing spread of electric vehicles has brought with it an increase in the demand for electric capacity. Existing supply networks can only handle this with precise load balancing.

The Marinero Smart Marina System takes care of it all instead of you.

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