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At Marinero, we value professional humility, quality workmanship, and sustainably innovative solutions above all else. When selecting our internal and external colleagues, we strive to share our company’s moral values in addition to their outstanding expertise and interest.

Our proudly followed mission is to merge the Marinero name with reliability and ergonomics all over the world. For this, we are committed to continuous improvement as well as using the best available tools and materials.

The Marinero Smart Marina System is the harbinger of an age in which no business will be left without advanced digital support systems, so service providers and customers alike only have to deal with the things that really matter.


József Cseh

József Cseh


János Benedek (sr.)

János Benedek (sr.)

Lead Infrastructure Engineer

János Benedek (jr.)

János Benedek (jr.)


Mátyás Naftz

Mátyás Naftz

Hardware Engineer 

Lili Fa

Lili Fa

Mechanical Designer  


  • MV-ÉV – Responsible technical management of construction electrical works
  • ME-V – Technical inspection of construction electrical works
  • V – Building electrical design
  • EN-HŐ – Design of thermal energy structures
  • EN-ME – Design of renewable energy buildings
  • EN-VI – Design of electrical structures
  • MV-VI – Responsible technical management for the construction of power lines and equipment
  • ME-EN-VI – Technical inspection of power lines and equipment


Certified excellence in the following field:

  • V-274 – Establishment of lighting protection apparatus not covered under standards


Our colleagues have the following qualifications:

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Lighting Engineer
  • High level of experience in establishing lightning protection apparatus according to norms
  • Electrician
  • Shock hazard supervisor

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